The iCubing project – a catalog of algorithms, data structures and applications for OLAP technology

OLAP technology is very useful for decision makers, executives and managers, but also for simulation, statistic and data mining tools. Thus, in Brazil we are interested in OLAP since its beginning. For this, we conduct the iCubing project, where several multidimensional data cube approaches for index, query and update the data cube operator are introduced. The OLAP technology is being redesigned for IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing demands, so it continues a hard challenge nowadays. Our team has more than two decades of experience in developing the data cube operator.


All codes are free. You can use or change them for any purpose.

  • JCubing, several low dimension full data cube approaches – link
  • S-Cubing, a non-relational full spatial data cube approach based on shared dimensions and neighborhood relationships concepts – Github link, Executable JAR (How to: video 1 and 2– only in Portuguese)
  • bCubing, a high dimension partial cube approach for BIG data cubes – link
  • P2CDM, a full cube approach for cluster of commodity PCs – link
  • DT-Cubing, a text cube approach based on text segments, topics and segmented rankings- link
  • GPU-Cubing, a partial high dimension cube approach for GPU/CPU clusters – link

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